Taking a Break & Last Chance to Buy Club Leftovers

Hello all!

What is it about February that brings on the sense of overwhelm? Today, I’m writing to share a couple of things with you.

I’ve decided to take a break for the remainder of the month to give myself a chance to finish up some lingering projects. Many of you know that Stitch Space is no longer my full time job, and extra hours to finish the projects I already have going and generate new content at the same time are dwindling quickly. I had a flash of inspiration to host another Finished Object February Knit-A-Long, but was relieved to find that my friend Amy at Knit Collage already had something up her sleeve with #FinishItFeb so if you are looking for a similar challenge, head over there to join in with the fun!

As for me, I’ve decided the main problem is not with my lingering knitting projects, but with my projects like the “End The Stash Struggle” book. I’m planning to take this next month to really work on finalizing the book, so that it can get out to those of you who did the pre-sale, and also the public. This project has turned out to be a massive one, and this last push up the hill seems to be much longer than I thought! I want to get this sucker completely finished before I shift towards opening up the Yarn Year Round Club again. It’s my Gemini nature to have several irons in the fire, but lately the promise of more projects has had me spinning my wheels, not driving inspiration, so it’s time to let those ideas rest awhile while I finish up the book.

This also means I’m offering up the last of the Yarn Year Round Extras at 60% off, and then closing up the online shop for the rest of the month, too. There are only a handful of these yarns left, and you can shop them here through the end of the day Tuesday. T-shirt orders will ship as scheduled, once I get them back from the printer later this week. This way I won’t have to worry about shipping orders this month, either. Of course, you’ll still be able to buy last years club pattern book, or the individual patterns from my Ravelry store, since those work automatically.

I hope you’ll hang with me for this break, and maybe take a few moments to evaluate what’s working for you right now too. Sometimes we fill in with busy to avoid the other things that need attention, and it’s such a slippery slope. I expect to come back in March with fun new content to share! I think I’ll still be sharing a bit on Instagram throughout the break, but much less than I was doing before. If you’ve been following recently, you may have seen one of my part time jobs/my new cow friends 😉

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


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