Summer Road Trip Knitting

It’s summer time and the knitting is easy 😉

Are you trying to get that last trip planned before everyone heads back to school and the fall is upon us, and inevitably the business creeps back in?  Trying to take advantage of these long summer days with a summer road trip?  Well, we have a few ideas for you if you need to plan something, and we have matched up great travel knitting project with them!  Enjoy!

Day Trip to Crystal Bridges

Log Cabin Squares are perfect small travel projects!

Log Cabin Squares are perfect small travel projects!

Maybe you can just get away for the day, and head down to the Art Museum!  Take along a log cabin square to work on in beautiful Liberty Wool, and let the yarn do the hard work for you!  It only takes one ball for a square, so you can pack it along easily, and then collect the squares together to make a gorgeous blanket!

Mt. Rushmore

Among the Wildflowers Cowl

Among the Wildflowers Cowl

Headed North for an adventure?  This little project is a great take-along, and has just enough going on to keep you entertained.  The Bella Lino yarn is indeed beautiful, and you can finish Among the Wildflowers in time to wear it for that little chill in the air on late summer evenings.  They make great gifts, too!

Beach Bound!

The Churchmouse Bias Before & After Scarf

The Churchmouse Bias Before & After Scarf

This one will keep you occupied with a slow color change in the yarn, and a fun bias knit pattern.  I just finished this one, and had to place safety pin markers each day to feel like I was making progress on the lace-weight cotton blend, but boy was it worth it!  The fabric is like none other, and to finish it off, you add beads to each end so it’s got a little more weight and drape.  Don’t worry, it won’t get too hot for beach knitting, and the sand will fall right out 😉  Our friends at Churchmouse sure knew what they were doing with this pattern!

The Big City

The Rae Scarf in SweetGeorgia CashLuxe Fine

The Rae Scarf in SweetGeorgia CashLuxe Fine

The Rae Scarf is a perennial favorite around Stitch Space, because the knitting is simple, it goes fast, and it makes the most of all of those beautiful sock yarns!  It’s also great travel knitting whether you’re driving the scenic route, or hopping on an airplane to get to your favorite city faster.  You’ll be increasing up on the way there, and it will go even faster on the way home as you decrease down and get over the end of vacation blues!

Route 66 West

Grace's Boxy Sweater in Progress!

Grace’s Boxy Sweater in Progress!

One of the most memorable trips of my childhood was a car trip where we headed West, and hit up all the sights, and as many states as we could.  You need a project to keep you occupied for all the long stretches of highway, and the Boxy Sweater is the perfect travel companion for that trip!  Grace has hers in progress in SweetGeorgia Merino Silk Fine, and come Fall, she will be able to wear this thing with ANYTHING!  She just recommends that you join your sweater in the round before you take off on your trip, so you don’t end up with a twisted join on the large number of stitches!  This one won’t distract you from the Grand Canyon, but will have all kinds of memories knit into it!

So that’s my round up of great summer knitting projects for those last trips you’ve got planned!  Where are you headed this summer?

Wherever it is, happy knitting!

Sasha 🙂

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