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Hey Folks!  I figured it was time for me to post a little update about all the faces you might be seeing around Stitch Space these days.  You have already learned a little about me, but as Stitch Space grows, it is always my goal that you feel comfortable coming in for help, and chatting with us about your projects so we can get you the help you deserve!  I’ve asked each of the girls to answer a fun little questionnaire so you can get to know them a little more!


First up, Grace.  Many of you have met Grace, because she has been working with me for a little over a year, since back when we were at the temporary location.  She’s also been teaching classes, like beginner knitting, continental, Fix-A-Stitch, and has a couple of fun ones coming up, like colorwork, and short rows!  You  might notice that by publication, she has a new hairdo 😉


How long have you been knitting/crocheting? I have been knitting over 2 years
Who taught you? I taught myself!
Favorite Color? I have to pick one??? Coral, mint green or any neutral 😉
Astrological sign? Virgo
Favorite type of project? Anything with a challenge!!!
What advice would you give to a new knitter, or someone frustrated/stalled on their project?
Take a deep breath and keep knitting. It takes time and practice to get something the way you want it. Going along with that, every knitter/crocheted/crafter is on a different level so be comfortable with where you are and what you’re doing! All levels are great levels!!!


Next we have Joy.  Joy has been sample knitting for the store for awhile now, and I recently recruited her to start teaching some new classes as well.  She is awesome at anything complicated, lace, crochet, the list goes on and on.  Anything I don’t have the patience for, I know Joy will be able to conquer 😉  Joy is also helping us on some of the Saturday help clinics!

IMG_0215How long have you been knitting/crocheting?  Knitting since 2005, Crocheting since about age 10.
Who taught you?  Mom taught me to crochet.  I learned to knit from the Stitch and Bitch books by Debbie Stoller.
Favorite color: Blue in any shade.
Astrological sign: Cancer
Favorite type of project: A challenge with an interesting new technique or construction. I like learning new things.
Advice to new knitters: Just keep trying, and it’s only yarn, it doesn’t judge.  If you’re stalled, give your brain a break and walk away for a while, or reread the instructions (that’s almost always where I mess up.)


The most recent addition to the team is Amanda.  Amanda was very new to knitting when I met her, but I was so impressed with her fearlessness.  She came in one Saturday with a friend, had just learned to purl, and signed up to take my cable sweater class starting the next weekend!  And she finished the thing, too!  She has started working on Stitch Nights and Saturdays, and is already diving in headfirst to all the crazy fibery knowledge that can be obtained here 🙂

How long have you been knitting/crocheting? 3 ish years
Who taught you? Youtube and Sasha
Favorite Color? Turquoise
Astrological sign? Cancer
Favorite type of project? Sweaters
What advice would you give to a new knitter, or someone frustrated/stalled on their project?
Make sure to pick a project you love because otherwise you will burn out and not finish it.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know our team a little better, and that you enjoy getting to know them even more as you come in to Stitch Space!  As always, Happy Knitting!


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