Friday Musings: New Year’s Knitsolutions

As we approach the New Year, I have to wonder, are you setting yourself any New Year Knitsolutions?

Resolutions can be tricky, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your goals and plans for the coming year. A few years ago, a friend of mine mentioned that she liked to set herself one silly resolution for the year, something she knew she could keep. That year, I followed suit, and decided I would wear more bracelets for the year.

Now, silly as it may seem, that was the most fun resolution I had set for myself in quite sometime. The pressure was low, because the consequence of not following through was non-existent. I made it easy to keep by setting out 3-4 of my favorite bracelets on my dresser, as a reminder to throw them on with my outfits. Every time I actually kept the deal with myself, I was reminded that I had made the commitment to me, and every time I got a compliment on one of the bracelets I was wearing, it drove home the fun of the challenge.

So what does this have to do with you? Or knitting? Well, that depends. For me, this mindset shifted how I thought about new year’s resolutions. They changed from big, bulky, hard-to-reach goals, into small things that brought more joy to my life, everyday. Now, I’m a goal and planning girl, so I always have big picture thinking and strategies going, but I try to let my “resolutions” be something mroe light-hearted and fun, just for me.

The year before last, I made the pledge to knit 2 rows a day. It was a simple idea, sometimes easier to keep than other days. I started doing it in the morning with my coffee, since that habit is already in full force. 🙂 It helped me to still see progress on my projects, even when it didn’t feel like I had any time to work on my knitting.

This year, I haven’t exactly decided what the plan is. I had a lofty dream that a sweater a month would be a fun challenge, but it doesn’t seem in tune with the relaxed idea behind my other successful resolutions. The last thing I want for myself (or anyone else!) is to stress out about some pie in the sky goal that is impossible to reach. One that, in reality, I don’t have any desire to go after right now. I just want to enjoy my knitting, and enjoy every aspect of life in this coming year.

What feels right, then, is just to make a commitment to try a new technique. I’ve been knitting for long enough, and teaching it for enough time, that sometimes I go a very long time without trying something truly new. I don’t quite know what that is yet, but when it appeals to me, I’ll know, and it will allow me to keep some curiosity going as I let it come to me.

What about you? Do you have something new in knitting you want to learn in the New Year? Is there a challenge you’ve been dying to take on, or are you just going to pledge to keep a project in your purse for those in-between moments?

Let me know by replying to this e-mail, or leaving a comment on the blog post. Are you setting a New Year’s Knit-solution? Or maybe just a silly one like my bracelet challenge?

Either way, I hope you have had a happy and joyous holiday season, and that you ring in the New Year with all kinds of hope and good wishes for 2017!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Musings: New Year’s Knitsolutions

  1. Amy Belcastro says:

    In 2017 I plan to knit more for charity. One that I especially like is Knitting4peace. Currently, they need baby blankets, hats and mittens. Their website has all the info and suggested pstterns.

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