8 Tips For a 30-day Sweater

Share your progress on social media w/ #ss30daysweater

Share your progress on social media w/ #ss30daysweater

Making a sweater in 30 days can be pretty daunting, but we are here to help you accomplish whatever goal you set for yourself on this challenge. Maybe you’re looking for a way to make the challenge a little less intimidating, or maybe you’re looking at a super-busy Septmember but still want to participate. Here are some ideas to make the sweater challenge work for you!

  • Take the Class: Join us for the next round of the sweater class so you have the support and skills you need to finish your sweater like a pro! I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching beginners to take the leap into sweater knitting, and the class will make the transition seamless. There are still a few spots left in the class this round, so stop by the store, or call us at 417-673-2240 to signup. It starts Wednesday August 31st, and you can see the full details at www.stitchspaceyarn.com/classes
  • Make a CustomFit: We are huge fans of the CustomFit program here at Stitch Space. Although it is not required to be making a CustomFit sweater for this 30-day challenge, you will find it eliminates some of the headaches of making a sweater. You’ll swatch, we’ll measure you, and the pattern will be generated in your gauge, and your size…magic! No worries that the thing won’t turn out! Give us a call or stop by the shop if you want to learn more!
  • Try a Vest: Worried about the timeline? Try making a vest for this challenge. The weather will be perfect for layering by the end of September (theoretically!), and you can give yourself a stretch without going overboard if you’re not quite ready to tackle a full sweater. Make a great pullover classic, or a casual open-front sweatervest. Either way, you’ll still finish the month with something great to wear!
  • Find a small human: AKA your favorite child! Make a pint-sized pullover to try your skills in sweater knitting. You’re still going to be using all the techniques you would in an adult sweater, just on a smaller scale. No shame in picking up the needles for the kiddo in your life on this round.
  • Go Big or Go Home: Choose bulky yarn! Knitting at a larger gauge will help things move along quickly. One of my favorite sweaters was knit on size 10’s with Bulky Inca Tweed yarn. It’s a casual slouchy cardigan, and I wear it as an outer layer quite often in the fall months. We have lots of options we can help you with if you’d like to try to go with a bulkier yarn.
  • Pullover vs. Cardigan: If you’re looking for speed and ease of finishing, the pullover wins. There are only 4 pieces, front, back, 2 sleeves, and the finishing is minimal with just the neck edge to work ribbing. With a cardigan, that home stretch takes a little longer with a long button band, and you’re dividing up your fronts into two pieces to knit (although, I prefer to make my cardigan fronts, and sleeves at the same time!). That being said, don’t compromise what you want for speed. You’ll be much more likely to finish your sweater if it is something you are looking forward to wearing!
  • Focus on the Process: So I just told you to make something you are looking forward to wearing, but as you’re knitting on this sweater challenge, it can be helpful to focus on the process. Enjoy the knitting you’re doing. Pledge to take a little time each day to work on it. Give it some love and attention, without stress of the outcome, and you’ll find you fly along as you enjoy the process. Schedule in your knitting….you just might find you have more time than you think!
  • Just Start: What is the worst that can happen? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If you don’t finish in 30 days, you will still be further along than if you never started!  By joining in the Stitch Space 30-Day Sweater Challenge, you’ll be making progress with our community and having plenty of help along the way. Post your progress on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #ss30daysweater and enjoy seeing all the amazing sweaters that will be born this month!


Want more details about the challenge? It runs September 1st-30th and the full details can be seen in our newsletter by clicking here.

We’re also hosting additional stitch nights just for challenge participants! Check out the events on our class schedule at www.stitchspaceyarn.com/classes The first event will be our Cast-On party on Thursday September 1st, from 5-8 PM!

To get signed up, stop in the store to get your name on the list or give us a call at 417-673-2240

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