What Does “Happy Knitting” Mean?

What Does Happy Knitting Mean?

Oftentimes, I sign off on my writing, e-mails, and other communication for Stitch Space with the phrase, “Happy Knitting!”  Today I’d like to expand on what exactly that means to me.

Happy Knitting.  It’s a request, a loving command that you don’t take things too seriously.  That you LET your knitting be for you, and you let it be joyful.  Give yourself the space to relax into creativity, and let your hobby be a respite.  An escape from the everyday pressures.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in being “good” at something, we forget that a mistake is there to teach us, show us our progression from beginner to master.  Let us see how far we have come.  When I owned the shop, people would ask me all the time, “Should I fix this mistake?”

The answer, is really up to you.  I usually replied, “Does it bother you?”  You could immediately tell which people were simply waiting for my permission to leave it, and which would need to rip it out!  Those who were ok with it, would thank me and move on, while those who it would bother would ask again.  “So…..should I take it out?”  Yes, yes you should.

The only way you can do it wrong is if you’re not enjoying it.  And that’s the secret.  If you’re not having “Happy Knitting” time all the time, you might be ready for a break, or a new hobby.  Not that I want to encourage folks away from knitting, I just want them to love it as much as I do, and realize that it can have seasons like any part of your life.  Maybe you need a challenge, a project with charts, colorwork, lace or cables.  Maybe you just need something mindless.  Potato chip knitting where you can pick it up and just go.

Have you thought about how happy your knitting is making you lately?

Maybe it’s time to give it a little thought and see what you can do to bring even more joy to it!

Today I’d like to challenge you to ask yourself a question.  What keeps your knitting from being happy?  And what can you do to fix that?

Maybe you need a change of pace with a different kind of project.  If it’s feeling always rushed, maybe it’s scheduling 15 minutes to just knit, and set a timer.  Stick to it.  Perhaps the pressure of too many projects is bothering you, and you need to find the project that is closest to finished and just complete it.  Maybe nothing you have going right now is inspired, and it’s time to cast on something new.

Only you can answer this for you.  So tell me in the comments, what is keeping you from having happy knitting all the time??

Always, Happy Knitting!
-Sasha 🙂

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3 thoughts on “What Does “Happy Knitting” Mean?

  1. Lisa Milzarek says:

    Anytime I can knit is happy knitting! I always have a simple project in the car, and one at home, and one at the office (for lunch hour or downtime). My current projects are Prayer/Comfort shawls for our group at church, and cotton dish cloths for various gifts.

    Not having time to knit is not happy knitting! 🙂

  2. Ginger Bogle says:

    Sasha –
    I am doing some very happy knitting right now. I started your Supermodel Slouch hat. And, while the pattern is not terribly challenging (a good thing in my life right now) I am making it with some self-striping yarn and it is gorgeous! Each new round is a surprise – how wide will this stripe of color be? what color is coming next? Can’t wait to show you a picture of it when it is done.

  3. Amy Belcastro says:

    I love happy knitting. Whenever a project isn’t going well or is stressing I lay it aside and work on something else. A hobby should never stress you out.

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