Unfinished Business & Our February Finished Object Knit-A-Long!

The thing about unfinished business is that it has a certain heaviness to it. A heaviness that you don’t always realize until you have been carrying it for quite sometime.

I’m not talking about the dramatic type of unfinished business, before you cross over, oh no. I’m just talking about the everyday nagging of small things that build up over time, but you never quite finish. The type of things that you always mean to get to, but day-to-day life gets in the way, and you just don’t. This is the hardest to identify of unfinished business. Bear with me.

I realized recently that I had quite a bit of this stuff floating about in my life. An unfinished class schedule that just keeps on slipping out of my fingers. Carpets that need to be shampooed, but realistically, when was that going to happen? Inventory that needed to be taken, spring buying to be finalized, sorting of 2015 purchase orders for tax paperwork, and don’t even get me started on the knitting.

When I took off for my market trip, I was trying to wrangle my set of interchangeable needles, only to realize that about 3 of the sizes were available….out of about 20. Which means about 17ish are out there floating around in projects (and I could account for about 6 of those projects…hmmm). Weird.

And then there are all of the big projects, goals, dreams that come to the forefront this time of year. I’m working on writing a book (more on that soon), the Yarn Year Round Club is going great, and there are new colorways and designs being developed all the time. I’ve been surveying around to see what everyone wants from Stitch Space in the future, and online shopping, retreats, and Knit-A-Longs are all things coming down the road, some sooner than others. That is the area I thrive in, the big projects, where Stitch Space was born to begin with.

Now, this is not to rant, complain, get a badge for my busy-ness, or have you feel sorry for me. No. This is simply to say, I realized what was lacking was a little break. A little focus. Because I love what I do so much, the biggest unfinished business in my life is a vacation I was supposed to take back at the beginning of the year when the floods came along. Instead of unplugging and making do for a staycation instead, I came to work one of the days, kept checking my e-mail, strategized, and planned myself crazy. I’ve scattered myself around to the point that lots of things are happening, but not much seems to be getting done. Can anyone relate?

So all of this is to explain our closing for a few days this week, to have some focus time for a few of these projects, like inventory, and a few moments for relaxation, too. One of the things I have learned about myself through the process of starting a business, and making it through the disaster that was the fire, is that I have to cut myself some slack. I have to schedule downtime, or I will just work in a fury until I cannot do it physically anymore. This goal-oriented girl has had to learn to set some goals around feeling good about living everyday life, not just always stretching to achieve the next thing. Laser Focus on a singular goal has served me well in the past when I was getting Stitch Space off the ground, putting one foot in front of the other to survive the aftermath of the fire, reciting my “It’s just temporary,” mantra at the temp location (who’s with me?), and building the current Stitch Space that learned from lessons of each of its previous versions.

But laser focus doesn’t blend as well with a normal everyday life. It’s great when you need to pull off 16 hour days and survive on coffee and dreams. But when you wake up after achieving some of your wildest dreams and are ready to just live, you need something that can sustain you and guide your days a little differently. That’s what I was searching for this last fall, when I read “The Desire Map,” and I was immediately blown away. Finally an idea that resonated with my goal-oriented self, but put some emphasis on enjoying this life while we have the chance.

“Feeling good is the primary intention.” Danielle LaPorte spoke directly to my soul with that nugget of wisdom. We do things in life because we want to feel good, and sometimes our goals do, and sometimes they don’t. This is what I realized after I had made myself crazy taking on the task of setting up for VKLive in Chicago back in the Fall. When I got home, it dawned on me that maybe that didn’t serve my overall purpose. Yes, we had a great time. Yes, I met amazing people, and shared our brand with more people, making some sales along the way. Yes, I learned so much about events, and myself. But accomplishing it felt a bit empty, and that’s when I went on this mission to figure out how I take the next step without a crazy “GET STITCH SPACE RE-OPENED IN 2 WEEKS” type of goal.

After some soul searching, a little meditation, a recommitment to my yoga routine, lots of reading, napping, journaling, scheduled afternoons off, cat & nephew cuddles, “The Desire Map” got me back on track. It finally got me clear on the idea that if I focus on how I want to feel, align all of my days and all of my goals with that, I could get to a more normal life. Not a life of balance, because I truly believe that is a myth, and anytime you do something with passion, you’re not exactly going to be balanced, and that’s ok. I don’t need just as much house cleaning as knitting…no one does ;P

Anyway, I realized one of the biggest things I was longing to feel was Ease. Getting more done with less effort. Feeling like I was dancing through life, not slogging. Taking the time to see the sunsets and breath in fresh air. And that is why I’ve decided to take this scheduled time away from the shop. To let my mind be free from the day-to-day of Stitch Space.

We will be closed February 1st through 4th. Friday February 5th, we’re re-opening, just in time for Yarn Year Round pickup day, and we’re going to makeup the missed Stitch Night, by staying open until 7 on Friday.


We’re also kicking off the Knit-A-Long idea that came to me when I was feeling a little lost in my sea of projects. Finished Object February! The entire month of February we’re helping you get that unfinished knitting business taken care of! Maybe you need to frog some things and get them off the needles and out of the back of your mind. Maybe you need to work on a project with single-minded focus until it is completely finished. Maybe you pull out a string of projects that just need seaming, ends woven in, and blocking. Whatever that means to you, we want to help you accomplish it. I want your knitting to make you feel good, not leave you deflated. So check out my downloadable focus sheet for the Knit-A-Long, make your declaration, and join us for some of our extra knitting events to wrap up some projects as we wrap up the winter. We’ll head into spring refreshed, and ready to work on a fun new project without the unfinished knitting business hanging over our heads!

Oh yea, and we’re having prizes! The rules are simple. We will have a drawing just for participating, one for anyone who finishes at least one object in February, and another for anyone who gets to more than one project! That means you have up to three chances to win.

Get entered to win the main drawing by signing up on our clipboard in store, or by commenting to this post to declare you’re in! In fact, maybe I’ll throw in an extra prize for virtual participants who may not be local to the shop. Details for entering the drawings for meeting your goal will come later in the month!

We’ll also do an instagram giveaway, so if you’re posting your projects there, be sure to tag them so they are eligible! #finishedobjectfebruary #stitchspace


Events coming up for the Knit-A-Long:

Friday February 5th, 5-7 PM Makeup Stitch Night

Saturday February 6th 10 AM-4 PM Saturday Crafternoon: Knit with us all day!

Monday February 29th 4 PM-8 PM Leap Day Stitch Night

Download A Finished Object February Pledge Sheet

So tell me in the comments. Can you relate to the feeling I was having? Are you with us for Finished Object February???

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14 thoughts on “Unfinished Business & Our February Finished Object Knit-A-Long!

  1. Kendra Feltych says:

    Boy can I relate. I enjoy the starting but fizzle out before the finishing. Unfinished projects become dead weight and really drag you down. I would like to join the knit-a-long from afar. Thanks!

  2. Janet Wray says:

    I am so glad you are taking some time off to regroup. Very important. We used to call it mental health days in which to do absolutely nothing if that is what one wanted to do. Try to take a long weekend or middle of week of what have you and it might be fun just to do it spontaneously once in awhile.
    You have a good crew working for you, which is a blessing.
    Be most interested in you book. Congratulations!

    • stitchspaceyarn@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Janet! I’m very blessed, which means it is super important to keep myself that way 😉 Mental health days for sure!

  3. Carol Matthews says:

    I definitely want to join the “Finished Object KAL”!! When I read this a few days ago, I immediately went to my craft room and started cleaning. What a great, great feeling. I have already finished a quilt top, a blouse and 2 crocheted cowls. Now I am working on getting some time to come to Stitch Space and learn the Kitchener Stitch so I can finish another cowl and then start a duplicate one. Your wisdom, Sasha, is astounding. I am so honored to have you and Stitch Space (Grace, et al) in my life. I feel SO much better since I “cleaned house” and can now sit down with my projects knowing there are a few less out there! HAH! And thanks for the book suggestion also (The Desire Map). See you guys soon. Be safe and well, Carol

    • stitchspaceyarn@gmail.com says:

      Great Carol! It is quite freeing, isn’t it? Actually, I even came home and did a quick cleanout of my closet because I needed a little pick me up…lol! Can’t wait to see you again soon. Hope you enjoy the book! So insightful!

  4. Becky says:

    I’m in!!! My first project I want to finish is a sweater for my granddaughter. If I finish it, I’ll try to finish my January Yarn Year Round project!!!

    • stitchspaceyarn@gmail.com says:

      Awesome Becky! I’ve got a sweater I’m working to finish, too, so you’re in good company. Glad to have you along for the KAL!

  5. Diane O'Neal says:

    I’m in! Need to finish my two-at-a-time socks and then my Custom Fit sweater. I, too, am cleaning closets and rearranging. It feels so good to organize things and free up space for being more creative. An ongoing process……

  6. Missy Nimmo says:

    Since I forgot to do my pledge sheet Tuesday and am working this weekend so didn’t get it in today, I’ll commit here 😉
    I plan to finish my Harper Shawl that I put in time out forever ago. After that I Ned to cast on and finish a baby blanket for a coworker. The sky is the limit after that!

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