Tuesday Tutorial: 3 Ways to Join in the Round

Hey there friends!

I don’t know about you, but I just love working in the round.  I’ve always felt like it goes faster for some reason, like because you don’t have to pause to turn, you make quick progress.  Plus, usually more knit stitches, and if you’re like me, those go quicker than your purls, no matter how long you’ve been doing it.

Today I’ve got a video to show you three different ways to join in the round.  Just joining, the swap stitches method, and the extra stitch/knit two together method.   In the video, I share a little about the advantages of each, and if you haven’t tried any of these, I’d encourage you to give them a shot and see which one you like best.  I find that different ones work better for different projects and weights of yarn.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!  Don’t forget, you can use this technique on my free hat pattern that you can pick up over at www.stitchspaceyarn.com/free-pattern

Hope you enjoy the tutorial!  Tell me in the comments, do you use one of these techniques to join in the round?  Or do you have another that you like better?

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial: 3 Ways to Join in the Round

    • stitchspaceyarn@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Cindy! I’m always looking for new and different ways to do things and love sharing them when they work!

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