Tuesday Tip: Repairing A Wooden or Bamboo Needle

Hello there yarn lovers!

Have you ever been happily knitting along with a set of wooden or bamboo needles, when you feel a snag or a pull and realize there is a splinter or some other kind of deformity on the surface of your knitting needle?  Ugh…the worst!

I generally prefer slick metal needles, but I often use bamboo or wood for double points, or sometimes slippery summer yarns.  I also often recommend these for beginner knitters, because they can feel much more stable when you are first starting out.

When you come across a snag (which is inevitable!), you can often repair it and continue working with that set of needles.  For me, I’ve used this method tons when my girl cat, Chanel, finds herself a birch double pointed needle and chomps down on the tip of the needle.  She’s lucky she’s adorable. 😉

I always keep these repair tools in my knitting notions bag.  Here’s what you’ll need:  A nail file or fine grit sandpaper, & a square of wax paper.  That’s it! (Cat shaped nail file optional!)

The simple tools for a little repair!

All you do to fix things right up is use your nail file or sandpaper to gently smooth the snagged spot in your needle.  Once you have removed the offending splinter or smoothed the edges of a cat tooth mark (!) you can use the wax paper to rub onto the surface and restore a bit of a smoother finish.

The wax paper on it’s own can also be used to slick up needle tips where your finish has started to wear away.  I’ve even used it on metal needles where the finish is going downhill.  A small square will last you quite a while folded up in a pocket of your notions bag, as you can move to a different little area of the paper for each repair until you have worn off most of the wax!

As a bonus, the nail file comes in handy when you bang up your own nail, and need to smooth it out to keep from snagging your knitting!

Hope you find this little tip helpful!  Tell me in the comments, have you ever used this repair?  Do you plan to hunt down a nail file and wax paper to add to your knitting bag?

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


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