Tuesday Tip: Pick Up An Abandoned Seasonal Project {And a Mystery Survey!}

If you are like me, you have a tendency to have more than one knitting project going at any given time. Somewhere in the 2-24 range…ha! Sometimes I envy those of you who start and complete one project at a time, before moving on to the next.

It can be tempting to get overwhelmed, or bogged down when you don’t complete something for awhile. Sometimes I beat myself up over the stack of unfinished projects, and especially when a season closes and moves into a new one. This winter, I had intentions of finishing sweaters, mittens, and gifts, but they just didn’t get done.

Last year, in the spring and summer, I was all about the warm-weather knits, and although I finished a few, there were plenty left unfinished, too.

Now, I have discovered the treasure chest of unfinished projects. Searching for some knitting inspiration (after finishing up the knitting for the soon to launch stash book!), I fell into a well of untapped potential. Half-finished spring things!!

Just in time for the warmer weather, I have changed my perspective on these abandoned projects. Now that it is April, and the cooler weather is giving way to more consistently warm weather, I’m craving cottons, linens, and lightweight things to knit. Lucky me, I’ve got a whole slew of them that can be finished up in no time!

A short sleeve cardi that just needs the sleeves. A pullover boxy top that is ¾ of the way finished. A linen-y wrap design with all the details already worked out. I went project stash diving and I came up with things that can be finished within a month and worn at that time!

Now, maybe you don’t have this backlog of projects right now, but since we are at the close of another season, I figured it’s a great time to remind you not to beat yourself up about that unfinished cowl-neck sweater. Instead, take a proactive approach and leave yourself a gift for October!

Here are a couple of tips for putting something into a seasonal hibernation:

  • Make notes! Which needle size are you currently using (and which style, wood, metal)? Do you already have all the supplies? Where are you on the pattern? Make notes of all these details, so that when you go to pick things up later, you won’t wonder what the heck you were doing!
  • Put it all together! Gather everything for the project in one place, so that when you go to pick it up later you won’t have to search for the extra skein, or the front piece you have already blocked. If you are robbing the needles, again, make sure you put the stitches on waste yarn, and make a note of which ones need to return to the project when you work on it.
  • Let it go! Don’t fret about not finishing…move on to what feels inspiring to work on now! Maybe even leave yourself a note on the project to pick it back up next season. Treat it like a time capsule: “Do not open until October 2017.”
  • Pick it back up! When the time is right, dive back into the project. Sometimes, time away from something gives a whole new burst of energy to it when you return. Maybe you’ll have the insight you need to get past that stitch that was troubling you, or you’ll finally make the decision about sleeve length that you kept putting off before.

Sometimes, I feel like we have a tendency to ignore the seasonal nature of life and try to force ourselves to push through something we have no business doing. In our knitting, this is one small way we can let some of the pressure off, and rediscover a hidden treasure next season!

Happy Knitting!

-Sasha 🙂

P.S.  I’ve been scheming about creating a Mystery Knit-A-Long….would you help me by giving me your feedback?  Take the survey here!  I’m going to give one survey participant a free pattern if I go ahead with the plan!

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