Tuesday Tip For Working In The Round

Do you work in the round on interchangeable needles?  If so, today’s tip might be a great one for you!

I’ve had the opportunity to take a couple of classes from genius designer, Cat Bordhi.  Every time I’m in one of her classes, I’m blown away by her ability to think outside the box and I always walk away with many tips and tricks that might not even have anything to do with the topic being taught.  This tip is one of the things I picked up in a class of hers.

If you are using an interchangeable circular needle set, where the tips and cords can be interchanged, put a smaller needle than the size called for on the left hand side.  The right hand needle dictates the gauge, and since you won’t be turning the work, the left hand needle won’t impact your tension enough to matter!  You can switch to even the smallest size in your set.

This loosens up the flow of the stitches across the left hand needle, and you’ll find you won’t have to push them up to keep the knitting going.  It might speed you up, and reduce hand fatigue since you won’t be fiddling with moving your stitches around the needle as much.

In my example above, I’ve got a worsted weight project on size 9’s, and I’ve placed the smallest size in my set, a size 4 on the left hand needle.

Have you ever tried this before?  I find that I don’t always love the feel of the mismatched needles, but sometimes it does speed me up if I’m on a deadline!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Next week, I’ll be back to show you three of my favorite methods for joining work in the round.

Happy Knitting!


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