Tuesday Tip: 4 Ways to Use Ravelry to Knit From Stash

Happy Tuesday!

You may have heard that I’m getting ready to host a Yarn Stash Challenge later this month (Click here to join us!), so the topic of stash is top of mind for me right now!  Last week, I shared about the Joy of Stash, and this week, I want to share something a little more concrete & helpful!

If you haven’t heard of it before, Ravelry.com is a site for knitters and crocheters that features yarn & pattern databases, discussion boards, groups, and so much more.  It’s free to join, and I’ve been a member since very early on.  I loved it when I first started knitting because I didn’t know anyone else who did it, so I could connect with others that had the same interests.  It was also a great resource when I owned the shop, because we could sell patterns directly to our customers, while still supporting independent designers.

Well, one thing I love about it is that it helps me match my yarn to a pattern or project.  Today, I’ve got a video sharing 4 ways that I use Ravelry to help me knit from my stash.  In it I demonstrate the Advanced pattern browser, and a couple of other ways I use the website to find inspiration or ideas for projects!

So, what do you think?  Will the advanced pattern browser be helpful to you in the future, or do you already use it?  Comment below to let me know!

Sometimes, it’s fun to just take some time to play with the search feature to see what you can come up with.  You might discover there is a different tool or filter that you didn’t even notice before.  I’ll warn you though, it’s addictive!

Also, don’t forget to hop over to www.stitchspaceyarn.com/challenge, or scroll down below to signup for the upcoming Yarn Stash Challenge!  It will be a week of prompts to help you find more joy from your stash, ending with a free stash-busting pattern and chance to win a giveaway for those who are signed up to be a part of the challenge!

Happy Knitting!


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