Sweater Love Copy Cat (Free Worksheet Download!)

One of the best things about the CustomFit program, is that you can easily re-create a favorite sweater, in a pattern that is in your size and your gauge.  (To see more about the CustomFit program, click here!)

Below is a picture of one of my all-time FAVORITE sweaters….

Tried & True!

Tried & True!

Now, there is nothing particularly spectacular about this sweater, but has been on constant rotation in my wardrobe for quite a few years now.  I’ve given quite a bit of thought to why, and it’s really simple:

This sweater fits my life & my wardrobe!

Sad, worn buttons!

Sad, worn buttons!

Honestly, what good is a sweater, unless we wear it???  I wear this one all the time because it is in my favorite neutral, grey, I love the fun stripes, and it’s a great lightweight layer.  It’s easy to take care of, and I’ve worn it over everything from t-shirts & jeans, to summer dresses.  I reach for it over & over again.  So, it is time to get a hand-knitted upgrade!

Love the stripes, and the wide cuffs!

Love the stripes, and the wide cuffs!

What I’ve created to share with you today, is a worksheet to help you take a tried & true favorite, like my grey striped sweater, and identify what it is you love about it!  That way, you can translate that into your knitting!

Maybe you’re ready to create a perfect Copy Cat of a sweater you love, or you just want to get more familiar with what you actually wear!  I encourage you to download our handy worksheet, and run through it with one of your favorite pieces.  The results may surprise you!  Here’s what mine looked like:

My Sweater Analysis!

My Sweater Analysis!

What I realized, was that I can ditch the buttons, and make an open-front sweater, because that is how I wear this garment anyway.  Also, the lightness of the piece is what stood out to me.  I want a trans-seasonal garment, that I can wear in the summer on a cool evening, or the spring & fall layered for changing temperatures.  The other realization that I had is that I wouldn’t have to keep the white stripes, the grey neutral is what I always reached for.  (I don’t even know how the white lasted as long as it did!  It’s a known fact that I haven’t been allowed to wear much white since it was confirmed at age 7 that I was terribly clumsy, and destined to spill everything! HA!)


My swatch for the dream sweater 🙂

So, what’s the plan, you ask?  I’m making my CustomFit Cardigan as an open-front, V-neck Cardigan.  I’m keeping the stripes, but going for tone-on-tone grey.  One of the hardest choices was yarn, but when we received the Berroco Maya yarn this spring, it was love at first squish!  This yarn is an 85% Cotton, 15% Alpaca blend, with a chainette structure.  That means it can still have the lightness of the inspiration sweater, but at a more friendly worsted weight gauge!  I cannot wait to see how this sweater turns out…I’ll report back!

Your turn!  Download the Sweater Love Copy Cat Worksheet below, and give it a try!  Share in the comments what you find!

Sweater Love Copy Cat Worksheet

And, if you’re ready to start that dream sweater, but have never knit one before,

It’s not too late to signup for our next round of CustomFit classes!

The next session starts this Saturday, April 18th, and meets for 4 sessions total from Noon-1 PM.  Check out the schedule & details here, or give us a call at 417-673-2240 to signup or learn more!


As always, Happy Knitting!


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