Friday Musings: Product Vs. Process Knitting

When I first came to knitting, I was a product knitter. I’ve always been a lover of clothing, so I was easily seduced by the idea of making something I could wear. When I was a kid, I could spend hours with those fashion plate toys, mixing and matching outfits to make a rubbing of a new combo to then color in.

It was exciting in my early knitting days to simply feel like I had control of the color and texture of the yarn I chose for my finished garment. I could coordinate my winter hat and scarf with the coat I already had. As a Fashion Merchandising major in college, there was a certain satisfaction with getting a compliment for something I was wearing, and being able to share that I had made it. To this day, there is still a thrill to that feeling.

As I turned to my craft more and more, realizing its benefits to my stress levels, I began to enjoy simple garter stitch projects in a way I hadn’t earlier in my knitting timeline. I looked for difficult patterns and stitches when I needed a mental challenge or stimulation. I started to swatch (gasp!). It took me awhile to realize, but I had crossed over into the process knitter camp.

It dawned on me that I had so many projects going because it no longer mattered to me whether I finished them or not. Simply working on them was enough. Certainly, there are still times where the sparkle of a new sweater or the promise of a new design catches me off guard and I knit like the wind to be able to wear that new knitted thing. Now more than ever, I’m realizing that my knitting is a journey, not a destination.

How about you? Would you consider yourself a product or a process knitter? Have you changed in the time since you started? Leave a comment here on the blog to share!

Happy (Product or Process!) Knitting!


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4 thoughts on “Friday Musings: Product Vs. Process Knitting

  1. Missy Nimmo says:

    I’m more of a process knitter in the greater scheme, I think that’s why I usually have a minimum of 5 WIPs, athe least 1 complex, a couple-three midrange and 1-2 basic, garter, not a ton of head space required ones to round it out. That way my needles can stay busy no matter where my brain is. And sometimes I can start with one that is lower key and move up to a more intense one as my brain allows…

    • Brandon Hembree says:

      I would say that I started out as a product knitter, but over time I have become more of a process knitter. I have so many projects going that sonetimes I forget about them until I’m digging through the closet! I’ve heard it’s better to let yourself have plenty of projects, all in various stages of completion (I have some yarn in bags that I’ve only made plans and haven’t even cast on any stitches), rather than force yourself to one project at a time. It stops the creative flow if you only focus on one, beginning to end (or so I’ve heard.) Of course there are times that you have a deadline (birthdays, Christmas), and you just have to knuckle down and knit like crazy. But more and more I find myself knitting because I need that mental break, I’m bored and need to keep my hands busy, or it just looks like a fun project!

      • says:

        I agree Brandon! It’s helpful for me to have multiple projects for my mental health, and varying levels of creativity. Sometimes you want a challenge and sometimes you just want to space out and knit!

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