I Think I’ll Use A Lifeline, Regis

Today’s How-To is something even “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” contestants know to be true.  Sometimes you just need to use that lifeline.  Phone a friend, poll the audience, doesn’t matter!  A lifeline can save you when things get down to the wire!

Have you heard of lifelines for your knitting???  This was always one of my favorite tips to share with customers back when I had the store.  I’ve seen so many people do a little happy dance or jump up and down after hearing about lifelines.

So good 🙂

Here’s the idea:  you place a piece of waste yarn through the live stitches in your work, to save your place, or make it easier to go back to that point in case you make a mistake or need to rip back to a certain point.

This can be handy in many circumstances:

Shawls/Blankets/Projects with a zillion stitches.

Complex patterns, especially those Yarn-Over heavy ones where it is impossible to pickup a stitch if you drop it.

Design or pattern modifications, where you’re not sure if what you will be trying next is going to work or look how you want it to.

In any project, it just gives that extra bit of insurance that you can always go back to the place where you know things were ok!

Here’s a video where I share how to insert one and give a few other tips & tricks:

Hope this helps you!

As I mention in the video, sometimes I try a little lifeline psychology because it seems like when I put them in, I rarely need them, but if I live too dangerously I always with I had one in place!  HA!

Has this ever happened to you?  Share in the comments below.  Had you heard of a lifeline before today, and do you find them helpful?  Or is this new, and you know just the project to try it on?  Let me know!

As Always,

Happy Knitting!


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