Friday Musings: That Time I Was On Google Earth Knitting

Hello knitting friends!

Today I have a funny story to share.  I was chatting about this with some knitting friends earlier in the week,  and realized many of you may not have ever heard this story, so I thought it would make a fun and entertaining blog post.

This is the story of that time I was on Google Street view knitting…

The Evidence!

It was late winter of the year I first opened the shop, and I had tagged along with my brother, Leighton, for him to go pickup one of his trucks that was ready from the shop.  I was waiting on some follow up calls for something about the shop, and I was so anxious to get started but I was in that in-between phase where there’s lots to do, but nothing that can be done…yet.

We arrived at the shop to find out it would take a little longer than he thought before the truck would be ready, so I decided I’d find a place to knit while we waited.  It was a chilly day, but the sun had started to come out.  I decided it was too nice to sit inside in the waiting room, but too cold to sit on a nearby bench that was in the shade.  I tried the other side of the building, and got lucky…a stump sitting in the sunlight!

I parked myself and got busy on my project, just taking a minute to remember the surroundings, and the day.  Little did I know there would end up being proof online of that day!

I just remember trying to be present.  Be right there, because there was nothing for me to work on for the shop, it was at that place where it was a waiting game.  I could have been irritated by the fact that I had to wait much more than I had planned, but then I just set my mind to enjoying it all.  The slight breeze, giving me little chill bumps, the warm sunshine that cut through the cool air, the beautiful hand-dyed wool running through my fingers, making something gorgeous.

Coming down the road, I noticed some sort of round black globe, that seemed to be floating above the road behind the grown up grass.  I couldn’t help but stare, as I wondered what it might be and what sort of car it might be attached to.  Turns out, it was a Prius, covered with graphics advertising Google’s Street View…..

I was caught!  Knitting on Google Earth!  It took a moment to sink in, and then I cracked up.  I ran to tell my brother what had just happened and he said something to the effect of, “Only you would be caught knitting on Google Earth!”

Sure enough, I found the photo online a few months later.  A portrait of my life at that very moment, sitting outside that mechanic’s shop, knitting away, hoping and dreaming about the next phase of my life.  I documented the photo, and shared on social media, and it always makes me smile, even now.

Even now that the shop dream has run it’s course and I’m in transition to a new part of my life, it helps me remember to sit right here where I am, and be here.  Be here in the in-between.  Embrace it, and remember that someday, this part of my life will make me smile, make me remember what I was feeling and hoping for.  Someday I’ll have the perspective of years gone by to look at this moment.

Happy Knitting!  Maybe you’ll get caught knitting in public someday, and I hope if you do, you are fully present, in the moment and enjoying it 😉


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