Friday Musings: I Dream In Knitting

I dream in knitting.

Of all of the things
A person can make
With just sticks and string.
The number of hours whiled away
And the joy it can bring.

I dream in knitting.

The search for that perfect heather grey.
Sweater combinations, as endless as they seem.
Colors as bright as a warm spring day,
Or even the muted, sublime, mottled, decayed.

I dream in knitting.

A warm cup of coffee for me,
An afternoon of bliss,
Maybe add another hot cup, this one of tea.
Nowhere to be…

I dream in knitting.

Letting it flow through my hands,
As if in a magic trick it transforms.
Soft wool and two sticks,
breathing in, breathing out.
Casting on, maybe binding off as I drift off to sleep.

I dream in knitting.
How about you?

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