Friday Musings: A Christmas Wish For You

My Christmas Wish For You…

Is that you make space for creativity now and in the new year.

Make space in your surroundings.  Clean and organize your supplies.  Take an afternoon to organize your yarn stash and find those hidden gems lingering there.  Consider it as part of the creative process, a necessary step to happy creating.

Make space in your schedule.  Clear the decks if needed, to give yourself the time to do something just for you.  Maybe it’s time to re-vamp that morning schedule so you wake up just 15 minutes earlier, and use that time to knit a couple of rows while you enjoy your coffee.  Say “no” to things that aren’t right for you, or that you don’t want to do, so you can say “yes” to your own desire for creative time.  Keep the dates you make with yourself.

Make space in your expectations.  Let the important people know.  Your significant other or family members will only benefit from you taking better care of yourself.  Tell them about your plan, how you are going to work more creative time into your schedule.  Ask them to honor that committment and to help you keep your promise to yourself.  Time expands if we will let it do so.  You have more time than you think.

And most of all…

Make space in your heart.  Give yourself the gift of creativity as you consider your hopes, your dreams, and your plans for this new year.  Think about your “why.”  Why do you create?  What does it do for you or others?  How can you bring just a little more of that into your everyday?  What else is stealing your time that doesn’t make you feel good?  Are you sitting down to knit, only to find yourself out of time 30 minutes later from scrolling through Ravelry?

Consider what it might be like to let some space for creativity into your life, and see what happens.  You might be surprised what opens up!

Happy Knitting (and creating!)


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