Friday Musing: The Joy of Stash

Let’s bring it back….

Bring back Stash as possibility, as a representation of untapped creativity. A wishing well of projects that could be. An escape from the world when you are weary. A scrapbook of all the things that have inspired you, the places you have been, the ideas you have had. Your favorite colors are mingling right there at the edges if you will let yourself see them. Unlimited potential waits for you in that extra bedroom closet, under the bed, or in that dresser drawer (or 12).

You can explain your yarn stash to someone who doesn’t get it until you are blue in the face. Or you can simply enjoy it yourself. Let it be a place of beauty in the now. Admire the colors and textures in their present form. Don’t worry so much about what you plan(ned) to make or if it has to become something.

Let it bring you joy on a day when you are uninspired. Cast on something new without guilt. Remember how much fun that trip was when you dig out that souvenir skein. Grab that pink, the one that is perfect for your mom, and let it tell you what it wants to be. Listen closely when your stash speaks to you.

Has the joy been stolen from your stash? Let’s get it back! Join me for a Stash Challenge, later in April, where we will start to get it in tip-top shape again, and make it a source of inspiration once again. Let it fuel your creativity and bring you warm fuzzies all over again! (Signup at

So tell me, how does your stash bring you joy? Leave a comment and share!

Happy Knitting!



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