A Love Letter & Loyalty Program Updates!

Dear Stitch Space Supporters,

You are the heart and soul of this fabulous crafty community.  When I started this crazy business in 2013, there is nothing that could have prepared me for the thing/place/feeling/community Stitch Space has become.  We have laughed together, cried together, learned together, cheered for finished sweaters, cussed over ripped out projects, and talked at length about what makes someone “knitworthy.”  You have followed me and the business from that first location, to the Pricecutter cafe, on to the tiny location (cringe), and finally to our beautiful new home and classroom space here at Madison Square.  You have been angry at injustices on my behalf, you have lifted me up when I felt like I just couldn’t go on.  Many of you have enthusiastically knit my new pattern designs, offered feedback, inspiration, and an ear for all the crazy big ideas I cook up.  😉  You have gotten to know my family, and welcomed each new member of our team.  (Hi Grace & Amanda!)

Stitch Space just keeps getting better and better, because of you!  Everyday is not easy, but everyday is worth it to help you with your projects, cheer you on, teach you new things, and knit our lives together.  When I asked you on Facebook what words you would use to describe this place, I was blown away by all the beautiful things you had to say.  You said Stitch Space is Awesome, Welcoming, Encouraging, Friendly, Tempting, Creative, Sanctuary, Oasis, Stimulating, Addictive, Helpful, Yum, Inspiring, Essential, Energizing, Prismatic, Incredible, Fun, Unique, Renewing, Blissful, Variegated, Community!

I couldn’t agree with you more!  I am humbled to do what I love for a living, and share with you everything I can to help you enjoy your creative journey in knitting.  Thank you for being you, and supporting this place.  Thank you for believing in Stitch Space!

As we grow this place, I am thrilled to announce our new Loyalty Rewards program below, which will reward you EVEN MORE!  I’m also thrilled to share that we will be doing DOUBLE REWARDS this Saturday September 26th as a Thank You for all your support!


Sasha 🙂

Cozy in Knitted Love for my Stitch Space people ;)

Cozy in Knitted Love for my Stitch Space people 😉

YEAAAAAAAA!!!  So what’s the scoop???  The new rewards program will go like this:

*15% off one purchase in your birthday month!  We have always done this, but May was our last month to send out a reminder notice…it was becoming too much to keep up with!  So, just remind us that it is your birthday month at checkout!!!  Did you miss yours from June through now??  No worries!  We’ll play catch up!  Come in between now and the end of October, and let us know you’d like to use the discount you missed, and we will be happy to oblige!

*Points for purchases towards your first reward!  Once you get to 300 points, you get a $10 off to use in the next 30 days.  (This is how the old program worked all the time!  Already earned your first reward?  This doesn’t apply to you, you’ll start earning faster with the next level!)

*Each date you purchase will fill in a box on your loyalty card!  We keep track of it here at the store, and when you fill 7 boxes, you will get a gift certificate for a percent of the dollars spent to use on your next visit!  This allows us to reward you no matter your budget.  Just for being a loyal shopper, and for choosing to support us!

***So to celebrate…DOUBLE REWARDS this Saturday September 26th!***

We will be open from 10 AM-4 PM, and we also have the Manos Trunk Show on display!  We’re grabbing some donuts on the way in, and will fill in 2 BOXES on your card for any purchase made, or double your points if you haven’t met your first reward level!  What a perfect time to come in and pick out a new Fall project or sweater!!!

We’ll see you Saturday!

Mmmmm Manos Del Uruguay!

Mmmmm Manos Del Uruguay!

(As a note, we had originally planned to open early Saturday to debut the Trunk Show, but have decided not to since it arrived early!  It’s already here, and on display at the shop today!)


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