5 Ways to Get Kicked Off the “Knit-Worthy” List!

At Stitch Space this year, we are all about avoiding the Holi-Daze that comes from taking on too much, waiting until the last minute, and going through the season with your head down where you miss the best parts.


One of the first things I am suggesting this year is to edit your knit-worthy list!  What is the knit-worthy list?  Folks who love your hand-knits, care for them, and truly appreciate the time, effort, and money you put into your handmade gifts.  Sometimes we think this is all family and friends, but that is simply not the case!


Here are some surefire ways to tell someone should be kicked off the knit-worthy list, and moved over to the shopping list:

1.)  When you share that you are making gifts for the holidays, it is met with an exaggerated eye roll, and a “Why would you want to make gifts??”  This person has made it easy!  CROSS THEM OFF THE LIST.

2.)  You have attended the garage sale of a family member, only to find that the hand-knit item you made them last year is on the $1 table.  I’ll be honest, I’m more offended by the idea of someone selling my knits for far less than they are worth, than of them giving them away.  At least with giving, the expectation is that someone else will benefit from it.  Valuing my handiwork at $1 in a garage sale is a huge indicator that they do not respect the time you put into the item!  CROSS THEM OFF THE LIST.

3.)  Visiting the laundry room of the person in question reveals that the gorgeous cowl you made for their birthday is on the floor between the washer and dryer, collecting lint.  It is crumpled, wrinkly, sort of looks like it might have been felted, and very sad.  CROSS THEM OFF THE LIST.

4.)  When gifted a handmade item from another family member, you witnessed this person leave the item on the floor in the middle of the wrapping paper trash!  After unwrapping, and saying “Yeah I like it ok,” they just gathered up all the rest of their things and left, with the sad unloved handmade scarf remaining on the floor behind them.  CROSS THEM OFF THE LIST.

5.)  Then there is the other way to get kicked off the knit-worthy list….being too demanding.  You know the one.  The person who overhears that you are making socks for your mother for Christmas, and bolts over, takes over the conversation, demands you look at this sweater they saw on pinterest, and exclaims “You can make this for me for Christmas!!!  I’m sure it will cost you way less to make than for me to buy it!!!”  CROSS THEM OFF THE LIST.

Moral of the story?  We love knitting, both the process & the product.  Wouldn’t you rather share that with others who respect it, too?  Now, don’t take me wrong.  It’s not that there are no knit-worthy people out there, and I firmly believe that our handmade things should be used.  I’m not the person who will get mad because dad wore his socks inside his chore boots to take care of the cattle, and they now have a hole in them.  To me, that shows that he appreciates the purpose of that item.  I would much rather them be well worn & loved, than placed on the highest shelf and never touched because they are too delicate.  I just know that I have seen people time and time again make another item for the person who didn’t take care of it or appreciate it, and then get upset when they didn’t take care of it or appreciate it!

Let’s avoid that this year by cutting our list shorter, and making thoughtful gifts for our favorite people who will “get” it!  Got someone you need to test???  See if they are knit-worthy by making a small project, in a washable yarn, and see how they care for it.  Use some super-bulky yarn and make a cowl in an evening, and then next year you will know if you want to make them something more involved!

Now that you have edited your list, join us this Saturday to get a head start on these projects at our Knit-In from 10 AM-10 PM.


We are having snacks, plenty of dedicated knitting time, gift-knit ideas, and specials too!  What are these specials you ask?  We are handing out Knit-In Bucks on the even numbered hours.  Each ticket represents 5% off your total purchase for the day!  Arrive when we open at 10, and stay through 2:30, that means you will have 15% off!  Stay all day and you can get up to 30% off your total purchase, and make some major gift knitting progress!  We will be dispersing these “bucks” at 10, 12, 2, 4, 6 & 8!


Hope you can join us Saturday!  Now share with us by leaving a comment below!  What are you doing to avoid a Holi-Daze this year???  Are you kicking some folks off your knit-worthy list?

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