5 Tips for Finding {MORE} Time to Knit!


Let’s face it, we are all busy people! Whether you are hoping to learn to knit, and aren’t sure you can fit it in your schedule, or you already knit, and can’t seem to finish all the projects you want to, these tips may just help you work knitting into your life!

The truth of the matter is, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. In a way, this fact can be inspiring, because we have the same amount of time as all the world-changers, movers, shakers, and billionaires. On the other hand, it can be intimidating: we have the same amount of time as the world-changers, movers, shakers, and billionaires!!! Life is short! We should spend our time doing the things that we love, that help our families and the world around us, that enrich our lives, and inspire others.

Now I don’t know about you, but one of the things I have found out about myself is that

I cannot take care of others unless I take care of me!

In my world, taking care of me involves, you guessed it: knitting! I have people all of the time say, “How do you get so many knitted things done?!?!” Well, knitting is important to me. We find time for the things that are important to us. Knitting is important because it helps me relax, it gives me a creative outlet, it keeps me healthy & sane (seriously! There is research!), and it is ever practical. I will always know people who need some kind of knitted object. And, as far as I’m concerned, one can never have too many knitted things!

So, here are some tips to help you fit more knitting into your life! Whether you are considering learning, or you have been at it for years, and just want to finish more projects, I hope these tips will help you look at your schedule differently!

  1. Make it a priority and/or schedule it!

As I said above, we make time for things that are important to us! For me, this means making sure I knit first thing in the morning. This means that no matter what other craziness comes up throughout the day, I have already had a chance to knit. Now, most days, this just means I make sure to knit two rows while I’m drinking my coffee in the morning. (I’m not really a morning person, so I have to have a little time to percolate!)

Knitting, Coffee & My Kitty!  Great way to start the day!

Knitting, Coffee & My Kitty! Great way to start the day!

Since incorporating this routine into my schedule, it has made a world of difference. I feel accomplished because, no matter what, I have already knit a little bit each day. Plus, Rome wasn’t built in a day!!! Yes, if this is all you knit, it might take a while to knit a sweater, but you will still be able to knit a sweater if you keep at it everyday! Slow and steady wins the race! Consistency is the key, here, and if it is part of your routine, you will be less likely to blow it off.

  1. Look for the small pockets of time.

You don’t have to schedule hours of time each day or even week to knit! Find the small moments where you can squeeze in a little knitting time, and you will start to see progress on your projects. Maybe you can multi-task and work on your knitting while you catch the evening news & weather.

Maybe for you, this means you spend the second half of your lunch hour working on your project. Do you find yourself stuck to a computer or phone screen at some point during your day? Maybe you can swap knitting for part of that screen time. I guarantee you will not miss that screen time once you make the switch!

Are you a stay at home mom? Schedule yourself 15 minutes of knitting at the beginning of the kiddos nap time, or right when they go to bed! Don’t feel guilty about it, use it as your re-charge time!

  1. Gather all your supplies in one place.

So you have 15 free minutes, and you race into the spare bedroom, pull your needles out from the box under the bed, dig in the closet for that ball of yarn you just purchased, and stop off at the computer to print that pattern you found on Ravelry and…..times up! You didn’t get anything started after all. Sound familiar????

Take time to get organized, and you will be able to maximize those scheduled times, or the small pockets of time that present themselves. Use a basket on the coffee table to gather everything you need for your work in progress, and it will be ready to go when you have a few minutes to work on it.

Keep a bag for your project in progress on a hook by the door, so it’s ready to go with you. Maybe you need two notions bags, one for at home, and another for your bag that goes with you. This way, you’re not forever forgetting it in the opposite place you need it!

Can’t ever find the pattern you want to work on? Maybe it’s time to go digital. You’ve always got your iPad with you anyway, so download your pdf patterns all in one place! A few minutes preparing and organizing will never go to waste!

Color Therapy!

Color Therapy!

  1. Take your knitting with you!

Now that you have your project in a bag by the door, take it with you on your way out! You never know when you will end up with a little extra time waiting somewhere. If you end up in line at the Dr.’s office, waiting in the pickup line at school, early for an appointment, or with a cancellation, take advantage of the “free” time. You are going to have to sit there anyway, I find knitting makes waiting much more enjoyable. I now view it as “free” time, not “wasted” time!

Also, why not a little knitting in public? There are many places you can take your knitting with you, and I find it always sparks interesting conversations. I’m married to a sports fanatic so I always take my knitting to the ballpark, and enjoy feeling like I’m making progress on my project as I take in the sights and sounds. This time of year is great for outdoor knitting!

  1. Bribe yourself…

Last, but not least, the tricky but effective bribe. This is where you handle the “But I really should be doing laundry/cleaning the house/doing dishes/any other unpleasant task” objection.

Yes, we do have to do things to keep our life running smoothly, we can’t just give up all of these things in favor of knitting (although believe me, I’ve been tempted!). This is where I like to bribe myself. Here’s how it works:

Do you set aside an hour to accomplish some household task? Make it a challenge, and finish it in 45 minutes, then reward yourself those last 15 minutes of knitting time! Seriously, set a timer! You will be surprised how much faster you can probably finish something that usually takes you more time. Tasks will expand to fit the time we allow them, and sometimes all we need is a little extra motivation to finish them up quicker. A harmless knitting bribe may do the trick! Set yourself a timer for the knitting time, too, then you won’t go over your allotted time and make yourself feel guilty. Instead, you will have maximized something that was already in your schedule, and given yourself a little “you” time, too!

Use a timer to get things done!

Use a timer to get things done!

So, what do you think? I want to hear from you in the comments! Do you already employ one or more of these tactics, or have another strategy to share for fitting more knitting into your schedule?   Which one of these tips are you going to try this week?

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you will have more happy knitting time this week!


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12 thoughts on “5 Tips for Finding {MORE} Time to Knit!

  1. Carla Powell says:

    I take my knitting every where I go. My husband says it looks like I move out in the morning on my
    way to work. Then I move back in after work. I knit every chance I get< it is relaxing to me. I really in joy it. It so fun to go to Stitch Space!!

  2. Debi says:

    You already know how I am…small project for purse, project for knit nights, more complicated one for quiet times at home, and one for the car just in case I forgot one. If I travel I take minimum of 5.

    • stitchspaceyarn@gmail.com says:

      Yep, good strategy Debi 😉 I’ve always got to have a few with me…variety is the spice of life!

    • Carol Matthews says:

      These points are great! I have begun doing most of them over the past 2yrs since I had some surgeries. I am known as the “bag lady.” I thought I was a little extreme, so these comments have really helped. Especially Debi’s remark about carrying 5 projects in her suitcase. But that almost requires another bag to be checked if you fly!!! HAH! I recently did some major Spring cleaning in my craft room and especially my knitting bags. It has given me direction and incentive to see what I need to finish and in what order. Thanks to everyone for their comments.

      • stitchspaceyarn@gmail.com says:

        Thank you, too Carol 😉 Given the choice I will usually take extra projects over extra clothes if flying! HA!

  3. Gerra-Lynn says:

    I have taken knitting with me every where I go for years. You’re right. You nnever know when you have a couple of extra minutes! Also in the evenings when I finally get to sit for a few minutes.

  4. Dana Whitley says:

    I would leave my knitting by my big comfy chair in my living room and every evening I would pull it out with the goal of finishing one row. Sometimes I would do two but only if I wasn’t to tired. It was a way for me to relax before bedtime. After moving I have yet to find my knitting stuff and continue this. 🙁

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