Friday Musing: In The Mood For Spring Knits…

In The Mood For Spring Knits…

Many people are surprised to find that my favorite knitting season is actually the spring.  It seems a bit counter-intuitive, but I love making things for warmer weather.  It’s fun to me to challenge the notion that knitting is only for the cold weather and to be done with wool.

One of the reasons I love warm-weather knitting is because I love exploring the different fiber options for this time of the year.  Next week I’ll be back on the blog with a little post about choosing fibers and yarns for spring projects, and sharing a few of my favorites.  It hasn’t always been easy to find good warm-weather yarns, but the industry is catching up with the demand, and giving us more options.

This week in Missouri, it has been raining cats and dogs, and they are calling for even more this weekend.  Even though we’ve already had a nice taste of warm spring weather, this dreary week has felt like it’s pulled us back into winter, and is really giving me Spring Fever!

I want to cast on all the linen-y things with their crisp, crunchy, papery hand.  I’m daydreaming about every drapey and meshy fabric around.  I’ve been stash diving to see what I can come up with in cottons, rayons, silks, linens, and tencel.  The three spring sweaters I have in progress have finally made their way out of hibernation, and I’m working to finish them up so they can make it into the rotation for pretty toppers for spring dresses, and cover ups for cool evening breezes.  Don’t forget the overly air-conditioned room that plagues those of us who live in high humidity locales!

In the spirit of spring knitting, I’ve put together a little Spring Fever Pattern Bundle special to help you get jump started with your spring/summer knitting.  It’s got 6 of my favorite warm-weather knits, bundled together for just $15.  You can save $11 off the normal retail of these patterns!  So even if you already have 1 or 2 of these in your collection, it’s still a great deal!

Click the photo to shop the bundle!

Here’s what I’m including in the bundle:

The Airliner Cowl (above), and the Jetsetter Cowl (below).  These two cowls feature a chevron lace pattern, one in bulky, one in worsted.  The Jetsetter gives the option for three color-blocked sections, while the Airliner features just one oversized version of the stitch pattern.  Both are fun to work in cotton blend chainette yarns, and can be worn as a cowl, or pulled down over the shoulders for a different look.

The Color Of Summer Cowl (below) is a fun knit that takes advantage of pooling to make an awesome graphic statement.  The mesh edges and knotted fringe top it off and make it a truly unique piece.  There is even a video tutorial to accompany the cast on of this project!

The Quench Cowl is a convertible piece that can be worn around the neck as a cowl, or worn double as a small wrap.  Perfect for ever-changing inside temperatures, and the sample I knit out of Linen/Silk ensures you are never over heated.

The Summer Simplicity Wrap is a very easy knit using laceweight yarn.  I’ve worked it up in linen here, but it would work great in any laceweight where you wanted something simple to show off gorgeous hand-dyes.

Although this one is named the Winter Wonderland Wrap, it’s great for transitional weather because of the long dropped stitches that make an open and drapey fabric.  I’ve made it up in a cashmere blend sock weight here, but I think it would be gorgeous in a bamboo blend, too!

Last, but not least, the ever popular Sunset Sky Shawl, with eyelets and dropped stitches.  Again, I’ve used a sock yarn here, but I’ve seen a few people make it up in a linen blend to gorgeous effect.  Hmmmm…maybe I’ll go cast one on now….

So there’s a jump-start to your Spring/summer knitting!  All you have to do is head over to Ravelry and put all 7 designs in your cart to get the special deal!  No coupon code necessary.  I’ve also made it so that any previous purchases of these patterns individually will count towards the promo, so if you already have one or two in your collection they will go towards the total.  (This is only on single pattern sales, I think, so unfortunately e-books do not count.  Let me know if you trouble with this since it’s my first time trying it!)

7 patterns for $15!  Check out the pattern bundle on Ravelry here to get details on all the patterns and to purchase!


So tell me, do you love spring/summer knitting as much as me?  Are you in the mood for Spring Knits?  Leave a comment to let me know!

Happy Knitting!

-Sasha 🙂

Tuesday Tip: Pick Up An Abandoned Seasonal Project {And a Mystery Survey!}

If you are like me, you have a tendency to have more than one knitting project going at any given time. Somewhere in the 2-24 range…ha! Sometimes I envy those of you who start and complete one project at a time, before moving on to the next.

It can be tempting to get overwhelmed, or bogged down when you don’t complete something for awhile. Sometimes I beat myself up over the stack of unfinished projects, and especially when a season closes and moves into a new one. This winter, I had intentions of finishing sweaters, mittens, and gifts, but they just didn’t get done.

Last year, in the spring and summer, I was all about the warm-weather knits, and although I finished a few, there were plenty left unfinished, too.

Now, I have discovered the treasure chest of unfinished projects. Searching for some knitting inspiration (after finishing up the knitting for the soon to launch stash book!), I fell into a well of untapped potential. Half-finished spring things!!

Just in time for the warmer weather, I have changed my perspective on these abandoned projects. Now that it is April, and the cooler weather is giving way to more consistently warm weather, I’m craving cottons, linens, and lightweight things to knit. Lucky me, I’ve got a whole slew of them that can be finished up in no time!

A short sleeve cardi that just needs the sleeves. A pullover boxy top that is ¾ of the way finished. A linen-y wrap design with all the details already worked out. I went project stash diving and I came up with things that can be finished within a month and worn at that time!

Now, maybe you don’t have this backlog of projects right now, but since we are at the close of another season, I figured it’s a great time to remind you not to beat yourself up about that unfinished cowl-neck sweater. Instead, take a proactive approach and leave yourself a gift for October!

Here are a couple of tips for putting something into a seasonal hibernation:

  • Make notes! Which needle size are you currently using (and which style, wood, metal)? Do you already have all the supplies? Where are you on the pattern? Make notes of all these details, so that when you go to pick things up later, you won’t wonder what the heck you were doing!
  • Put it all together! Gather everything for the project in one place, so that when you go to pick it up later you won’t have to search for the extra skein, or the front piece you have already blocked. If you are robbing the needles, again, make sure you put the stitches on waste yarn, and make a note of which ones need to return to the project when you work on it.
  • Let it go! Don’t fret about not finishing…move on to what feels inspiring to work on now! Maybe even leave yourself a note on the project to pick it back up next season. Treat it like a time capsule: “Do not open until October 2017.”
  • Pick it back up! When the time is right, dive back into the project. Sometimes, time away from something gives a whole new burst of energy to it when you return. Maybe you’ll have the insight you need to get past that stitch that was troubling you, or you’ll finally make the decision about sleeve length that you kept putting off before.

Sometimes, I feel like we have a tendency to ignore the seasonal nature of life and try to force ourselves to push through something we have no business doing. In our knitting, this is one small way we can let some of the pressure off, and rediscover a hidden treasure next season!

Happy Knitting!

-Sasha 🙂

P.S.  I’ve been scheming about creating a Mystery Knit-A-Long….would you help me by giving me your feedback?  Take the survey here!  I’m going to give one survey participant a free pattern if I go ahead with the plan!

Tuesday Tip: 4 Ways to Use Ravelry to Knit From Stash

Happy Tuesday!

You may have heard that I’m getting ready to host a Yarn Stash Challenge later this month (Click here to join us!), so the topic of stash is top of mind for me right now!  Last week, I shared about the Joy of Stash, and this week, I want to share something a little more concrete & helpful!

If you haven’t heard of it before, is a site for knitters and crocheters that features yarn & pattern databases, discussion boards, groups, and so much more.  It’s free to join, and I’ve been a member since very early on.  I loved it when I first started knitting because I didn’t know anyone else who did it, so I could connect with others that had the same interests.  It was also a great resource when I owned the shop, because we could sell patterns directly to our customers, while still supporting independent designers.

Well, one thing I love about it is that it helps me match my yarn to a pattern or project.  Today, I’ve got a video sharing 4 ways that I use Ravelry to help me knit from my stash.  In it I demonstrate the Advanced pattern browser, and a couple of other ways I use the website to find inspiration or ideas for projects!

So, what do you think?  Will the advanced pattern browser be helpful to you in the future, or do you already use it?  Comment below to let me know!

Sometimes, it’s fun to just take some time to play with the search feature to see what you can come up with.  You might discover there is a different tool or filter that you didn’t even notice before.  I’ll warn you though, it’s addictive!

Also, don’t forget to hop over to, or scroll down below to signup for the upcoming Yarn Stash Challenge!  It will be a week of prompts to help you find more joy from your stash, ending with a free stash-busting pattern and chance to win a giveaway for those who are signed up to be a part of the challenge!

Happy Knitting!